We’re not in Kansas anymore

Fall Market

Fall Market

People watching has been one of my highlights thus far. Our first day in the city centre – heart of all things vibrant for the young and old – we walk into a mixture of things. People working on building a home for the Herbtsmarkt (Fall market) on the beautiful plaza that sits right in front of the old Leipzig City Hall and will last for the entire week.

The quaint wooden shelters where the local vendors set up shop look all just slightly different to create a sense of charm and familiarity. Some are dressed in medieval attire to greet us with wicked baked cheesy goods straight out of the stone oven while others are selling handmade baskets and felted art. People are drinking mulled wine to warm their bodies from the chilly wind and shopping in the market. We see families pushing their loved ones in a wheelchair through the cobbled streets.

Not too far away we walk into servers serving sparkling wine at a high end department store. Friends are drinking their wine while shopping and others are just down the escalator watching a catwalk fashion show. This is at 1:30 in the afternoon my friends. But then again, only in Europe will you find people sipping on coffee with a cup and saucer, looking for children furniture at Ikea.


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